"Out Of The Ashes" Berlin 1930 to 1950
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A personal touch of history

About the author: Born in Berlin, Germany in 1930 she has lived through two of the most tumultuous decades in recent history. Berlin in the 1930s, Hitler, Radio Berlin and the Olympics. 1940s include World War II, air raids, flight from the advancing Russian Armies, cold and hungry winters, and finally the blockade and airlift. In those 19 years she experienced more adventures and misadventures than most people experience in a lifetime.

Now you can read all about it.

The author at age 12
Updated January 9, 2008
"Out of the Ashes"
Berlin 1930 to 1950

ISBN 1-4140-1733-2

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1937 round flight over Berlin by the author with her father, who was a roving reporter for Radio Berlin. (Author, age 6, not shown)